Voters Not Politicians

Voters should choose their politicians, not the other way around.

On election day, we, the voters of Michigan, deserve to have our say. We expect our elections to be fair and transparent so that our votes matter and our voices are heard.

Politicians don’t agree. They manipulate our voting maps to keep themselves in power. They draw voting maps that directly benefit themselves, instead of putting community interests and voter needs first. This allows politicians the power to choose their voters, instead of giving the voters the power to choose their politicians. This process gives us inattentive, ineffective, and unpopular representatives who keep getting re-elected over and over.

Voters Not Politicians is a ballot question committee working to bring the power back to the people of Michigan through a citizen led ballot initiative. With the help of other grassroots organizations, Voters Not Politician’s vision is to establish an Independent Citizen Redistricting Commission through a state constitutional amendment.


Visit the Voters Not Politicians website to learn more and volunteer.

Voters Not Politicians

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