Workshop Schedule – Reminders

Reminders – On Saturday of this week, Carma Lewis will share with you what all of the equipment in the Neighborhood Engagement Hub can do for you and your group – laminator, binder, copier, fax, folding machine computer programs… boosting your flyers and info to and about your group gets easier!  9 – 11

Also on this Saturday from noon to 2, the first of the Photography workshops will take place.  Bring whatever camera (maybe your phone or tablet) that you use when working on a project or event with your group.  The second session of this workshop will be on May 21st from noon to 2.

Bring a friend of member of your organization!  Instructor in the Print Layout Session, Chevon Wilborn could welcome as many as 3 more folks… and it was great!  Those sessions will be on May 19, May 25, and May 31st at the Neighborhood Engagement Hub, 6 – 7:30.

Questions?  Call 810-348-5332

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