Residential Drinking Water Testing – Lead & Copper Sampling

Mike Glasgow of the City of Flint Water Plant is looking for volunteers to conduct drinking water sampling at residences located in the city limits. Samples must be collected after the water has been allowed to set stagnant for 6 – 8 hours (usually first thing in the morning or when returning home from work). These samples will be analyzed for lead & copper, and will help determine if the drinking water is corrosive to our distribution system or the plumbing and fixtures in the consumers homes.

Samples must be collected by the end of the month. We will provide a sample bottle and instructions for collecting the sample. THERE IS NO CHARGE and we will deliver the bottle with instructions, and pick up the sample after collection. Those who participate will receive a report detailing the results.

If you would like to help out, or know family members, friends, or neighborhood associations / block clubs that would like to participate, please contact Mike Glasgow by email or phone.

(810) 787-6537 ext. 3512

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