Important December Items

A couple of items:

With Covid re-rearing its ugly head and the constant changing of plans we have fallen a bit behind in our duties of nominating some officers for the next 2 years.

Up for election are the terms of President and Treasurer.

Current President, Carma Lewis and current Treasurer, Chris Frye have agreed to run once again for their respective positions. However, the floor (such as it is) is open for nominations of members of FNU who you may wish to nominate for either of these positions. You may also nominate yourself if you so choose.

Please send any nominations to for inclusion for the election in January’s meeting. The elected will take office immediately.

The December issue of FOCOV is in the process of being created. In the past few years we have run business card sized ads for groups and organizations to wish holiday greetings to their members, clients, or neighboring groups.

Not wishing to buck “tradition” we are offering the same opportunity this year at $10.00 per ad.

If you purchased in previous years, you may use the same ad. If new, or wish to change your ad, either produce one in a JPEG format, or just tell us what you would like to say and we’ll produce an ad for you.

Send your ad to for inclusion. Time is somewhat short as our deadline for participating will be November 28. We will invoice you for your ad.

Thank you for all you do and we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

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