Strategic Planning Meeting, Session 3

Notes from Session Three
November 15, 2014, 9:00 am – 1:30 pm
Salem Housing

Present: Mark Baldwin, Donna Calvin, Chris Frye, Raul Garcia, Joyce Gracey, Joe King, Carma Lewis, Audrey Martini, Kathy McGaughy, Jane Richardson, Annie Talley, Chris Zowala

Consultant/Facilitator: Artina Sadler

  1. There was no agenda for this meeting for the following reason:
    • The initial goal was to generate action plan for the Communications and Blight groups in that order. However, the By-Laws state “Each committee is responsible for framing the respective committee’s roles and responsibilities within the given goal area…” (Art IV, Sec 2); thereby making this course of action and the associated process, prohibited.
    • After discussion, President Chris Frye employed Art IV, Sec 4 of the FNU By-Laws and formed the Operations Ad-Hoc Committee and charged the committee with reviewing FNU’s By-Laws line–by-line and making a recommendation back to the full group. The recommendation should encompass all the amendments that need to be made to the current By-Laws as adopted 5 Oct 2013.
    • The remainder of the session was focused on the work of this committee.
  2. Operations Ad-Hoc Committee
    • Purpose: Responsible for structural policies and procedures of FNU
    • Assigned Tasks
      • Move By-Laws forward
      • Membership
        • Analysis
        • Recruitment
        • Welcome Team
      • Policies and Procedures of FNU
    • Members — The following individuals of FNU volunteered to serve on this committee
      • Mark Baldwin
      • Donna Calvin
      • Chris Frye
      • Joyce Gracie
      • Joe King—CHAIR
      • Carma Lewis
      • Chris Zowala
    • Of the assigned tasks listed, the committee agreed to start with By-Laws
  3. By-Laws
    • At the outset of the discussion, the work of Craig Wolcott was noted for the minutes
    • The member’s present reviewed the By-Laws adopted in October 2013, line by line and suggested edits to be submitted to FNU body as a whole.
    • The revised By-Laws will be distributed per the instruction therein AND be available at the December FNU meeting with the vote to amend the By-Laws taking place 30 days later at the January 2015 meeting.
    • The Ad-Hoc Committee’s recommendation motion will be that the document be accepted in total as presented – rather a line by line acceptance if each change.

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