PRESS RELEASE: U.S. District Court Order Denying Preliminary Injunction

City of Flint Statement Regarding U.S. District Court Order Denying Motion for Preliminary Injunction.

Flint, Michigan – June 23, 2015 The United States District Court of Eastern Michigan, Southern Division has today issued an order denying a motion for preliminary injunction in the case of Coalition for Clean Water vs. City of Flint. The injunction, which sought an order to force the City of Flint to accept the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department’s offer to provide water for the City, was denied by U.S. District Judge Stephen J. Murphy, III who stated that “the Court is unable to determine the Coalition’s legal theory, or even whether the Court has the power to grant the requested relief.”

In response, City Attorney Pete Bade said “we are pleased with the Court’s decision on this matter.”  The City Attorney’s office has also today filed a motion for summary judgment from the court seeking dismissal of the action in its entirety.

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