The Local Grocer Expansion Kicks Off Campaign and Commitment to Community

FLINT, MICH – The Local Grocer, a Michigan-made specialty grocery, has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to support its business expansion into the former Witherbee’s Market at the corner of ML King and University Avenues in Flint, Michigan. The goal is to raise $30,000 in 25 days!

Campaign support is critical to leveraging resources for The Local Grocer to successfully open their new doors in December and meet the demands of customers and the greater community. The new location will feature produce, meat, pantry and personal items well as a farm to table kitchen. The Local Grocer operates on the premise that you can get all of what you need to live within close proximity of your home.

Owners and farmers, Erin Caudell and Franklin Pleasant grow much of the all-Michigan produce they sell at their store in the Flint Farmer’s Market. Keeping up with the demand for local produce year-round has meant expanding their reach to other nearby producers. All of the farmers they work with grow with organic practices, use season extension techniques and are good stewards of the land.

“Our customers shop with us because they know that everything that they get from The Local Grocer has been vetted for health, environmental impact, and fairness and justice. They also know that they are investing in their community’s future with every purchase. This expansion will allow us to do an even better job creating and sustaining jobs for local growers and producers,” stated Franklin Pleasant.

The new store will have an even larger variety of products than the market location. When sourcing other retail items The Local Grocer looks for the highest quality, made as near to Flint as possible. “Our store provides an innovative, flexible retail platform for new and established entrepreneurs, making high quality Michigan-made goods.” says Erin Caudell.

Donors to this Kickstarter campaign and customers will be proud to know that every dollar spent in the new location will also be an investment directly back into the local economy. A Civic Economic study in Grand Rapids, MI found that for $100 spent at big box stores, $48 remains local. If that store is locally owned, $68 stays in the community. The Local Grocer is committed to returning all $100 to the community.

Contributions can be made at through Saturday, December 5, 2015

For more information, contact Erin Caudell at (810) 252-2644 or or visit

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