Strategic Planning Meeting, Session 1

Notes from Session One
October 25, 2014, 9:00-11:15 am
Woodside Church

Present: Mark Baldwin (UFO Village); Clarence Campbell (Power of One); Joyce Gracey (University Park); Brenda Hussey (Sterling/Myrtle Street NA); Tracy Jones (UFO Village); Joe King (Civic Park) Carma Lewis (Civic Park); Tanya Meeks (FPD); Jane Richardson (Salem); Raynetta Speed (E. Bishop & E. Flint Park); Chris Zowala (Potter/ Longway)

    • Group Rules

    • No side bar conversations
    • Put cell phones on vibrate or off
    • Inclusive listening
    • Stick to guidelines/instructions
    • Focus on FNU, not personal views
    • Everyone’s opinions are important
    • No one person dominates discussion
    • MOVE FORWARD — don’t go back to prior meeting discussions

    • Reveal the challenges and possible solutions
    • Strategic plan to move FNU forward to be a group of ACTION
    • The outcome will be all inclusive (id who’s missing and go get them)
    • Clear action plans
    • What is FNU?

    • A collaboration of all city neighborhoods coming together to stand as one in the city
    • An assimilation of neighborhood groups gathering to collaborate, strategize and carry out plans to make Flint great!
    • A group of citizens from across the city dedicated to improve the quality of life of the individuals living and working in the neighborhoods
    • A gathering of leaders of block clubs, neighborhood watches, community groups and organizations interested in bettering Flint by discussion, sharing and participating in improvements.
    • An organization of community groups speaking about and sharing the needs of each
    • A group of concerned, committed and dedicated leaders in the Flint community who are working towards improving the quality of life for all residents
    • A group of neighborhood block clubs and associations that have come together to confront problems and move the City of Flint to a City where people feel safe, have a job and be listed as one of the top 10 cities of the US to live
      Why did you join FNU?

    • Communication—need to share information
    • Because I believe I can make a difference in the community
    • I thought we could sit and talk about problems and share solutions and resources to make things easier for everyone
    • I wanted to be a part of positive change and correct problems/issues in CoF
    • By working together we can work quicker and smarter to make change to positively impact the city
    • Be apart of an organization that creates goals and plans to complete the goals and work the plans
    • Because I believe in an organization interested in a better Flint
    • To help unite Flint as one
    • To stay up on the city as a whole. Assist and bring experience to be on one accord
    • To make positive difference
    • To make a difference, there’s power in numbers
      What has FNU done well?

    • Graffiti project was done well
    • Superb digital communications (sharing info, generosity)
    • Joining of the group/growth of the group
    • Party store, liquor forum
    • Work well together uniting diverse fares
    • Professional
    • Newspaper
    • Court watchers
    • Party Store problems (Education)
    • Citizen involvement, brought city action
    • Blight—citizens taking pride in neighborhoods—putting the city leaders, “feet to the fire” in cleaning it up
    • Networking with different groups
    • Respect of organization (FNU)
    • FNU has become a “clearing House” for information of events in Flint
    • FNU welcomed everyone
    • The Blight Panel made a great difference in clean and conditions of the appeal of neighborhoods
    • The party story panel made sure all the convenient stores follow local, state and federal protocols. Some even welcomed the assistance that was given and made them aware of violations
    • The communication panel communicated with the neighborhoods and various groups across the city well. Making Flint a better spirited city
    • A blending/uniting of all neighborhoods as one, without loosing their own identity
      What has FNU not done well?

    • Sometimes it can just be talk and not action
    • Some sub groups need more assistance and involvement
    • Advertisements with television and newspaper is a great need
    • Need improvement and better cooperation across and between neighborhood groups and geographies… united, healthy vs. unhealthy ownership
    • Need to find other ways to get many groups to join us
    • Get our actions to influence the media (do something over and beyond just to get noticed.)
    • Agenda management
    • Court Watchers—participation problems otherwise no real fault of FNU
    • Being able to say “No” (we don’t want to say no to anything)
    • Revisit old issues too often
    • Report on “Action items” (success/failure/table)
    • No cohesion between newspaper and communication group
    • We have incomplete goals in the sub-groups
    • Sub group meeting times are not consistent
    • We need a better job in welcoming members, visitors and guest to each of our meetings (need Welcome committee & information kit); assimilation
    • We digress from the agenda
    Session 2 — Saturday, November 1; 11:30am – 1:30pm at Woodside Church (immediately following regular FNU meeting)

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