Reporter to meet with Flint families

I’m a long-time health reporter who’s freelancing for the Boston Globe’s new publication on health, medicine and science. They’ve asked me to come to Flint and meet with families affected by the water situation. I’m reaching out to ask your help in finding people willing to talk to me about how they’re coping with the water crisis in Flint. The emphasis of my story will not be the politics of this crisis; it will be its impact on people, especially children, and their health. This angle has received too little attention: it will be what I focus on.

A bit more about me: for over a dozen years, I was a national correspondent and senior health reporter at the Chicago Tribune. I’ve also written extensively for the New York Times and other publications.

I’d like to come out to meet with folks in Flint next week. Please contact me at the number below (a landline work number). I greatly appreciate any help you can give!

Judith Graham
Work land line: 303-399-2623
Cell phone: 303-549-1696

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