Art Parade Planning Meeting and 2015 Survey

Dear neighbors, friends, and colleagues,

I’m including all of you here who participated in last year’s Neighborhood Art Parades, as well as some new folks, to invite you to plan the coming year of Neighborhood Art Parades. Although we are planning separate Light Up the City and Neighborhood Art Parade events in the coming year, we would still appreciate to your input and guidance, and invite you fill out the 2015 event survey. We would be grateful for your feedback:

Can we meet next Thursday, December 10 at 12 pm / noon at the Neighborhood Engagement Hub (formerly Salem Housing CDC)?

If the Michigan State Police has finished its analysis of neighborhood crime stats, we would appreciate your input about locations on the North Side where Art Parades might be productively located, and to coordinate with you so that we continue to have a good correspondence.

Tom Wyatt is also conducting important research about hotspots that could help inform our decisions of place to locate projects.

Neighborhood partners, block club members, North Side residents, and anyone with input and the desire to host a parade and with ideas about locations and projects is welcome to join.

Although I plan to step down in my role as Executive Director of Flint Public Art Project at the end of this year, I will continue to play a role as Creative Director and an adviser to the program.

Very best,

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