Reenactment of Women’s Suffrage March

The coalition of groups representing the Genesee County Women’s Vote Centennial Committee, invite our members and friends to participate in the Suffrage March Reenactment to be held at Crossroads Village on Saturday, August, 31st (Labor Day weekend).

The first 100 women to make a commitment will receive free admission (normally $12) to Crossroads (additional adults are $12 and children are $10, plus the cost for train or boat, if desired).

Participants must agree to wear all white in the form of long white dresses/skirts and gloves as an homage to the women who fought so hard for the suffrage movement. The day will begin at 10am with speeches and dramatizations throughout the morning. Assembly of marchers will be near the gazebo at 12:30pm, with the march beginning at 1:00pm, going down main street and continuing for about four blocks, ending again near the gazebo.

The group expects to engage several speakers and various recreations of early marches for suffrage. There will also be a mock vote at the township hall building. Following the ‘vote,’ people will show their “I voted” slip of paper in exchange for a cup of lemonade.

Anyone who would like to make a commitment should send a message to Linda Hoff at In an effort to keep planning streamlined, please try to respond by August 8th; people who respond, should expect to receive a reply confirmation. We can still accept other participants once our target of 100 marchers is achieved, however those over our 100 will not be able to receive a free ticket.

If you need more information, please contact Pegge Adams. If you are a member of another group that would like to join the coalition for events over the year of the centennial, please let Pegge know.

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