PRESS RELEASE: New City Ordinance on Trespassing Protects Businesses

New Ordinance Granting Authority to Police on Matters of Trespassing and Loitering Will Protect Businesses and Customers

Flint, Michigan – June 25, 2015 – A new ordinance put in place by the City of Flint gives the Flint Police Department authority to take action on behalf of businesses in matters of loitering and trespassing. The ordinance will take effect in November of 2015 and will become standard for all new business licenses granted within the City of Flint.  The new measure grants flexibility to property owners by giving the Flint Police Department authority to act on their behalf; police can now take action against individuals who are trespassing or causing a nuisance without direct action from the property owner. The purpose of the new measure is to more effectively combat illegal activity on business premises that directly threatens the public wellbeing.

Previously property owners needed to be present in order to make such complaints against offenders. “The problem this caused to both the property owner seeking protection from trespassers and to police was that police could not act without direct consent from the owner and could cause possible retaliation against the property owners from offenders,” said Flint Police Chief James Tolbert. “This new action allows police to take action quickly as issues arise and protects the store owners.”

The FPD is asking businesses with a high probability or record of loitering and trespassing instances to participate in this action by signing an affidavit granting police the right to act on their behalf until the ordinance takes effect in November. Businesses who sign up will also be given a sticker to display in their window indicating their participation to patrons.


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