PRESS RELEASE: Flint Income Tax Deadline

Deadline for Flint Income Tax Thursday, April 30, 2015

Flint, Michigan – April 29, 2015 – Tax day for the City of Flint and 21 other Michigan cities, including Detroit, Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Pontiac is nearly here.  By Thursday evening, April 30th, those who have waited to file their local tax return and who work in or live in the City of Flint need to have completed and filed their Flint tax return.  Failing to do so will result in a late tax return fine and other penalties.

A PDF fillable form is available at and, when completed can be taken to the Flint Customer Service Center or mailed to the address below:

City of Flint – Income Tax Department
PO Box 529
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-0529

Taxpayers are advised to pay attention to details and watch out for common tax-filing mistakes, including forgetting to sign the return, not attaching the check, using the wrong amount of postage, writing the wrong address, or not including all necessary forms.  If you do not believe you can make the April 30th deadline, you need to pay your estimated tax liability and request a tax extension by filing the form F-4868 available on the City of Flint website.  It’s fairly simple and most filers qualify for an extension.  Filing a federal extension (Form 4868) with the IRS or State of MI does not grant an extension of time to file a Flint income tax return.

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