PRESS RELEASE: City of Flint

City Administration Praises Actions Taken by the State Legislature Regarding City of Flint Elections

Flint, Michigan – June 5, 2015 – The State House of Representatives this week approved the action to include the names of candidates who were given erroneous election filing deadlines to be placed on the ballot for Flint’s 2015 election cycle and Governor Snyder has today signed the bill enforcing the actions. City Administrator Natasha Henderson issued the following statement regarding the actions taken by the State Legislature.

“We are pleased the State House, State Senate and the Governor have chosen to honor the intentions of Flint voters and allow those candidates who submitted the requisite number of valid signatures by the deadline date they were given to appear on the ballot. The City appreciates the efforts of our local legislators for getting involved in the resolution of this important matter.

“The City will now be able to hold a primary election in August and a general election in November as originally scheduled and as prescribed by law. Work will begin immediately to prepare for both elections and ensure that the democratic process is followed.”

Mayor Dayne Walling also praised the positive outcome saying “This is the best outcome for the Flint community and the August Primary and November General Elections can now proceed according to the Charter.”

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