PRESS RELEASE: City of Flint Wins Arbitration in 3 Year Legal Battle

Flint, Michigan – November 19, 2015 – After a three year legal battle with Big Foot Towing, represented by Attorney Val Washington, the City of Flint was this month declared the total winner in an arbitration stemming from a contract dispute. Big Foot claimed the City was in violation of their contract which provided for the towing of abandoned and illegally parked cars, seeking damages in the amount of $446,908.16.

During arbitration the City argued that there was no exclusivity to the contract with Big Foot and no language stating that the maximum payment amount of $150,000 was owed. The language of the contract supported the City’s claim. Evidence admitted at the hearing showed that only a total of 6 tows at $39.50 apiece, totaling $237, were ever towed by another company. After reviewing the merits of the claim and the testimony given, the majority decision of the arbitrators awarded a $0 “no cause of action” award against Big Foot Towing in favor of the City of Flint.

“This ruling is a considerable win for our financially struggling City,” said City Administrator Natasha L. Henderson. “Our Law Department is to be commended for their perseverance in this and the many other cases they take on for the City of Flint and its taxpayers.”

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