PRESS RELEASE: City of Flint Awarded $418,407 to Improve Walking Conditions

Crim Fitness Foundation Leads Safe Routes to School Efforts at Two Flint Schools

(FLINT, Mich) – Safe, walkable routes to school can have a major impact on the health and life of a child. Today, the Crim Fitness Foundation was awarded a $418,407 grant on behalf of the City of Flint and the Flint Community Schools to improve walking conditions near and around Potter Elementary School and International Academy of Flint.

“This is a chance for us to work together to support our schools, neighborhoods and kids by increasing safety and improving our infrastructure,” said Mayor Dayne Walling. “These are the types of coordinated projects envisioned in the master plan.”

The grants awarded by Michigan Department of Transportation will be used at Potter Elementary and International Academy of Flint to create a safe, accessible route to school for children at both schools. The project includes $242,366 for physical improvements to the area near Potter Elementary and $176,041 for infrastructure improvements near International Academy of Flint. Each school will receive an additional $7,997 to fund related programming and education. Construction is scheduled for the summer of 2016.

The projects present an opportunity for the City of Flint residents to see major implementation take place related to two chapters of the city of Flint’s recently adopted Master Plan for a Sustainable Flint, which are Public Safety, Health & Welfare and Transportation & Mobility.

The City of Flint, Potter elementary and International Academy of Flint will join a national movement to reduce childhood obesity rates, which are at an all time high. Safe Routes to School gives students the tools they need to lead happy, healthy lives by making it safe, convenient and fun for children to walk and bike to school.

“Giving our kids a safe route to and from school will help increase attendance, health of the students, parent involvement – all while improving the neighborhood. This is a win for everyone involved,” said Jessie Kilgore, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Teaching at Flint Community Schools.

For more information about Safe Routes to School and how you can get involved, contact Theresa Roach, at the Crim Fitness Foundation at 810-235-7894 or email

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