Participation in a Discussion on the Emergency Manager Law

Dear Friends,

We are having a meeting on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at The Neighborhood Engagement Hub with Researcher and Doctoral Candidate Ashley Nickels at 5:30 PM. The purpose of the Mtg. is to discuss how the Emergency Manager Law has impacted your life here in Flint. We will look at both and positive aspects – whatever developed from the conversation.

Ms. Nickels is working on her Doctoral Dissertation and is looking at how Public Policy and individuals lives have been effected by the law.

Please RSVP to Wm. Hammond at or (810) 964-8898 Cell/Text if you plan on participating. Ashely will also be following up with individual interviews on the next day. So if you are interested be let us know.

Thank you,

William Hammond
((810) 964-8898 Cell/Text

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