Genesee Area Investment Network Individual Investment Account

What is an IDA Account?
A MATCHED Savings account that grows your $1,000 savings into $3,000 of funds available to help you purchase an eligible asset. Because you have participated in this program, your $1,000 is MATCHED with $2,000 of Federal and Private Funds to help YOU build a stronger financial future.

What is an Eligible Asset?
1. Secondary Education (tuition)
2. Small Business Startup or Expansion
3. Homeownershlp

Who Qualifies?
1. Total household income must meet guidelines contact Metro for details.
2. Must have EARNED income from wages or self-employment.
3. Must be a resident of Genesee County, Michigan
4. Must complete the application with required documentation
5. Must comply with all other program rules.

There are limited slots available. If you meet program requirements we encourage you to apply!

For application Information, please call Metro Community Development at (810) 767-4622

Click here to download the flyer.

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