Flint’s July 3 fireworks will be first 2015 event with special curfew

FLINT, MI – A curfew that restricts unsupervised minors during special events in the city will be in effect for July 3 fireworks and Back to the Bricks events Aug. 11-14.

A city ordinance allowing for special event curfews went into effect last year, making it against the law for for unsupervised minors under 17 years old to be in areas designated by police from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m. during special events and festivals.

“When kids are with their parents, they tend to behave a little bit better, for some reason,” Police Chief James Tolbert said. “We want the families to come down and enjoy both of these terrific events and ensure that they have a good time.”

During last year’s Independence Day celebration, police issued no citations under the new curfew ordinance, but city officials credited the restriction for making a fireworks show and carnival safe events.

During Back to Bricks in 2014, eight minors were ticketed within the first 90 minutes of a rolling cruise.

“We don’t want to give out any tickets, but obviously if they are in violation of the curfew, we will,” Tolbert said. “We would like to see a repeat of last year, where we had very minimal issues … and I appreciate the citizens who took heed (of the curfew) and made sure we didn’t have many problems.”

Anyone under 17 can be arrested and detained by Flint police if they are without a parent or adult guardian and within the boundaries of the curfew, which change depending on the event

Maps that show the geographical areas where the curfew will be in effect for the fireworks and Back to the Bricks are posted on the city’s Web site.

Parents can be fined $250 plus the actual cost to the police department of arresting and detaining a child if they are cited for violation of the special events curfew.

This story originally appeared on MLive.

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