December FNU Meeting


A couple of things not mentioned at this morning’s meeting of FNU.

The December meeting will be held back at Woodside Church. The election of a new President and Secretary will be made at that time and we expect a larger than normal attendance. Nominees for these 2 offices will be posted from this email, the website and on the FNU Facebook page on November 18. Nominations will also be accepted at the December meeting. New President and Secretary will take office beginning with the January meeting. Members in good standing (attended at least 1 meeting in past year) eligible to vote. If you represent more than 1 organization you will only get 1 vote. It would be in your best interest to bring another representative of your groups to cast a vote for them.

It has also been suggested (thank you, Heidi) that we have a Christmas Pot-Luck/Fellowship/Social Gathering after our next meeting on December 3. We think that’s a pretty good idea. So, bring along a dish, dessert, something you’re “famous” for to pass and spend some holiday “cheer” with your neighbors.

Thanks for all you do for Flint and your fellow citizens!


PS, the November issue of FOCOV is available for distribution at the Neighborhood Engagement Hub. Please pick up and deliver. Thanks

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