Compstat Meetings

My name is Emanuel Taylor, and I am a Crime Analyst with Wayne State University. As a Crime Analyst, I am assigned to work out of the Flint Police Department (FPD). I assist the FPD in identifying crime patterns and trends in the City of Flint; however, my main duty is to lead compstat efforts for Flint. Compstat is short for “computer statistics” and it is a data driven approach to crime fighting. WSU and the FPD have been collaborating over the past several months in putting on compstat meetings in which I present compstat information to community stakeholders. During this meeting, we review crime statistics from the compstat books that I create. Right now, we are focused on crime occurring in the 1st ward of the city, which is why compstat meetings are being held at the Hallwood Service Center located on 4921 Clio Rd. If anyone is interested in participating in these meetings, I will let you know when the next meeting will be. Generally, they are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month. I have already placed everyone in a group email. If you have any questions about anything I have said, do not hesitate to ask. As a matter of fact, during each compstat meeting, there is a time that I set aside when I ask everyone if they can identify any crime hotspots that I can analyze for locations in the 1st ward. If any of you represent the 1st ward and know of any particular crime hotspots, you can send them to me so that I can analyze those locations for the next compstat meeting. There may be a possibility for us to come up with action plans to help combat crime issues in those areas. I am actually from Flint, so I am very willing to get all of your inputs so that we can work together to help reduce crime in the city. Hope to hear from you all!

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