Clean Slate Michigan

Good afternoon!

As we prepare for a fast and furious month of community engagement and education for the purpose for seeing Clean Slate becoming a reality. I excitedly share a flyer for one of many upcoming events. #WORKINGfuture (A campaign led by Just Leadership USA), Nation Outside, Safe & Just Michigan, and Elite Career Solutions are promoting a community listening session around the issue of expungement. This coalition of partners are working to advocate for people who have felonies and/or misdemeanors which disqualify them from having their records expunged. Under the current law, more than one felony and multiple misdemeanor convictions are excluded from the process. If a 17 year old was convicted of two minor non violent felonies, this person spends a lifetime struggling with varying socioeconomic issues such as employment, residence, insurance, income, and status; this is one of many examples. The mission of the work is to educate while gathering stories, identifying potential candidates to offer testimony before the Law and Justice Committee and inform the drafting of legislation in May.

We ask that you not only attend the event but also share the flyer and information with your networks. The topic affects us as a whole; with empowering the community, every issue must be given the necessary attention. In our professional roles, we associate with a countless number of students, community members, clients, and co-workers who are impacted by this topic. This in turn creates a devastating trouble for the community. The financial health of the city, security matters, employer/employee engagement, as well as social climates are shifted when this conversation is ignored. Please engage and join employers, decision makers, community members, and lawmakers on this evening. Hope to see you at the Ferris Wheel on the 27th!


Clean Slate Michigan

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