City of Flint Parks: Millage Renewal

Greetings Flint resident,

Did you know that the City of Flint Parks & Rec Millage is up for renewal in November?

Important facts about the Millage Renewal are below and attached to this e-mail.  Please share with your friends and neighbors.

In late 2013 and following the adoption of the Imagine Flint Master Plan, Flint Parks & Recreation became a function of the Department of Planning & Development. With this new leadership and direction, and with the help of our community partners and volunteers, the City of Flint stands committed to improving the quality and safety of our parks throughout the entire City.

Millage Facts:
The Flint Parks Millage Renewal will cost the average Flint homeowner $4.61 per year. Homes with a taxable value of $50,000 could expect to pay $25.00 a year.

The City of Flint spent 78% of the $314,000 Millage on basic mowing in parks and on utilities at Berston Field House, Haskell Community Center, the McKinley VISTA Center, and park lights. The Parks Millage is the only dedicated funding for these services.

Despite our budget and staff constraints, the City continues to aggressively pursue grant funding. City staff in the Planning Division are currently working on $2.6 million in grant funded projects and have completed $1.4 million in grant funded projects in 2015. Currently, the City has less than 1 full time employee dedicated to parks.

The City of Flint is also committed to partnering with other organizations to increase the level of services to our residents and improve the quality of our parks and community centers. The City of Flint has at least one partnership in 59 of its 70 parks. Over the past year, partnerships have saved the City of Flint over $150,000 in mowing services, nearly $25,000 in utility costs, and added over $150,000 worth of new park equipment.  This fall, partnerships will add over $240,000 worth of new playground equipment to Berston Field House, Mott Park, and Sarginson Parks.

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Parks and Recreation Quick Facts (PDF)
Park Brochure (PDF)

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