Michigan Renaissance Festival Fundraising Opportunity

Hello, my name is Jennifer, I am with the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Here is some information about the upcoming 2024 Renaissance Festival Fundraising Program!!

These are the dates of the upcoming season of the festival: August 17-18,24-25,31 September 1-2,7-8,14-15,21-22,27-28-29

How it works is your group works an area of the festival and after the festival ends your groups receive a percentage of what that area earned throughout the season. It is important if your group wants to make the most money from this your group needs to be here every day of the season, which is 16 days. The hours are roughly 8:30am to 7:30pm.

Depending on how many people you can get together depends on what area you can be placed in. We are looking for groups to do food areas, drink booths, front gate, concessions, grounds.

For example, we have a high school in the area that volunteered for the full 16 days, and their marching band made approximately $20,000!!

I hope this explains our fundraising program for you, and I look forward to speaking more about partnering with the school.

You can reach out to me anytime at 248-634-5552 or by email.


Michigan Renaissance festival
248-634-5552 ex.7005

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