A Message from Ofc. Terry Lewis, FPD


My name is Officer Terry Lewis, I am a Community Policing Officer with the City of Flint Police Department. I am writing you because the City of Flint Police department is seeking to develop an even stronger relationship with its community organizations, especially its neighborhood associations, crime watch groups, block clubs etc.

I have been tasked with identifying, listing and gathering contact information for as many of these neighborhood associations, crime watches, block clubs and associated organizations as possible.

Please contact me ASAP with any information which you believe would assist us in identifying and contacting our community organizations.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support and assistance in helping your public servants foster even stronger community ties.

I can be reached via email at terrylewis@cityofflint.com
or by means of SMS Text Message or calls to 810-691-9569.

Thank You,

Officer Terry Lewis, Community Policing

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