2016 City of Flint Parks & Recreation Quick Facts

The Flint Parks system was laid out by John Nolen in the 1920 City of Flint plan and included small parks and play lots within a five to eight-minute walk (1/4 mile) of each residential area, as well as large city parks connected by a series of park circuit drives to create continuous pleasant boulevards throughout the city.

J. Dallas Dort, a carriage maker and auto pioneer, was instrumental in developing the parks system by creating a parks board, providing financial support, and donating land for parks. Due to Dort’s leadership, the City of Flint adopted an ordinance to name the parks system “J. Dallas Dort Memorial Park Systems.”


  • 1,881 total acres; 70 recreation facilities:
  • 24 mini parks / playlots
  • 15 neighborhood parks
  • 16 community parks
  • 5 large urban parks
  • 6 special use parks & trails
  • 4 golf courses

*park classifications based on MDNR Classification System for local and regional recreation

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