Youth Violence Prevention Center – Parcel Assessments

Who are the people with clipboards and binders going through our neighborhood?
We are a team of University of Michigan researchers working for the Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center (MI-YVPC) located in Flint.  MI-YVPC runs violence prevention programs for youth.  Some of the programs include neighborhood improvement projects.

We are walking and driving through neighborhoods to assess the effects of the neighborhood improvement projects. There are several teams of trained observers who will rate the buildings and landscaping around the property parcels in designated areas within the city of Flint. We will be completing property assessment ratings of property parcels every summer through 2015.

We are assessing things like whether or not the properties:

  • are occupied or vacant
  • have broken and/or boarded windows
  • have graffiti and/or fire damage
  • have discarded appliances, discarded vehicles, small amounts of litter, trash
  • are maintained

Questions, comments, or concerns? Please contact Susan Franzen Project Manager at (810) 239-3463. You can also visit the MI-YVPC website at

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