Voter Registration


Before you go to the polls on August 7 for the Michigan Primary:

1) Verify your voter registration status, BEFORE Election Day! Call Flint City Clerk’s Office @ 810-766-7414

2) Know where your polling location is prior to Election Day! Also call clerk’s office @ 810-766-7414

3) TAKE YOUR PHOTO ID! Don’t leave home without it! (Other forms of acceptable ID, Voter Registration Card, Driver’s License, Government issued ID, or your current utility bill.)

4) Verify the date and location you can vote early or receive an absentee ballot. In Flint, you can vote early or obtain an absentee ballot application in the Clerk’s office on the 2nd Floor of City Hall. Remember, you must re-apply for your absentee ballot every election. You can do so by calling the clerk’s office @ 810-766-7414

For more information Contact: Greater Flint Chapter of the A. Philip Randolph Institute, 810-399-2117

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