Update & Request: Choice Neighborhoods

Greetings Choice Neighborhoods Steering Committee,

Below I have provided an update on where we’re at with the South Flint Community planning process. Your involvement thus far has been substantial and as we near the end of the planning stage, we will be looking for some input from you. As many of you know we have also been seeking support from community partners to ensure implementation of this plan and we hope you will stay engaged however/whenever you can. For the next and past couple of months here’s what we have going on:

  • Housing developer selection: After the interview process, held the week of September 12th, the FHC took the scores and recommendations from the panelists and chose Norstar Development to be the developer team for this project. On September 27th the FHC board of commissioners approved the selection. The FHC will thus be entering into an agreement with the company in the coming weeks. You can view Norstar’s development proposal by clicking here
  • Request comments/feedback on draft plan: Our team is requesting a bit more involvement from you all on the revision of the draft plan. As you know, it was released in July and the final version is due in January. If you could take some time in the coming weeks to review the plan in its entirety or by section (your choice), your input would be greatly appreciated. All comments, thoughts, feedback on all aspects of the plan are welcome. We ask that you please submit any of your observations to me by Tuesday November 8th so that I can compile and share with our consultant team. A revised version of the plan will be made available by November 18th. Your time and thoughts are important
  • Next and last community meeting: We will hold our final South Flint Community Plan event early in November. The date is not yet confirmed but when it is I will be sure to send an email to you all
  • Roundtable sessions: The week of September 26, we were able to hold six roundtable discussions each centered on the different initiatives outlined in the draft plan. Attached you will find the notes from those sessions. The goal of the sessions was to discuss projects to move forward in South Flint and seek commitment from community partners. Many partners expressed a deep interest in moving forward much of the ideas presented. We will be working to ensure that the projects are implemented in collaboration with local partners

Please contact me if you have any question or concern. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Kristin Stevenson
Planner I / Choice Neighborhoods Project Coordinator
City of Flint – Planning and Zoning Division
(810) 766-7426 ext. 2065

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