Update on City of Flint Planning

At the Planning Commission, we have been working on reviewing many requests for a special regulated use permit for medical marijuana provisioning centers. Some have been approved, others not. In addition to checking to see whether each application complies with the locational requirements listed in the ordinance (such as being far enough from a church, school, park, etc.) we also weigh factors related to public health and safety, environmental conditions, affect on public services and traffic, etc.

At our meeting in June, we also reviewed proposed changes to our bylaws, and approved provisions related to meeting in April to elect officers regardless of whether other items are on the agenda and enabling participation via telecommunications (with some caveats.)

There is a lot going on regarding Master Plan implementation, the Zoning Code update, and launch of the Choice Neighborhoods planning initiative. Rather than reiterate them here, I am attaching a copy of a handout from City staff that summarizes what has been going on related to Planning and Development.

Master Plan Implementation Project Update – 6/9/15

Building & Safety

  • Coordinate customer service improvements – new Development Technicians at the public counter; rebuilt, functional public counter
  • Increase number of rental properties inspected with contractor
  • Focus on high profile code enforcement cases with Legal – American Trailer, Averill Recycling

Blight Elimination/Neighborhood Stabilization

  • Received 371 complaints, 198 resolved in May
  • Organized 76 community clean-ups, removed 162 tons of trash
  • Create a comprehensive demolition list

Community & Economic Development

  • Continue support of the EDC and Oak Business Center, help City process tax abatements including proposed GM investment of $161 in Van Slyke Plan
  • Coordinate with Habitat for Humanity on homeowner occupied rehabilitation
  • Coordinate with GCCARD on citywide emergency rehabilitation
  • Coordinate with Land Bank on CDBG funded demolitions
  • Coordinate with several CHDOs on proposed housing developments using HOME
  • Coordinate five neighborhood enhancement projects in conjunction with the next level Community Foundation grants
  • Sell NSP and Smith Village homes

Parks & Recreation

  • Continue Genesee Valley Trail construction – completion by July
  • Continue Riverbank Park construction – completion by October 31st
  • Coordinate installation of new ADA ramp at Kearsley
  • Coordinate installation of new pavilion at Dewey Park
  • Coordinate with Keep Genesee County Beautiful on additional park adoptions and cleanups
  • Manage DNR grant to acquire Grand Traverse Greenway Trail – awaiting response from CSX on offer
  • Will transmit an RFP soon for the design of McKinley Park Improvements


  • Coordinate with Clear Zoning on the review of draft Zoning Code; working on schedule of additional community engagement sessions
  • Schedule first Steering committee for Choice Neighborhoods: additional clean-up work at Atherton has been conducted
  • Continue work on neighborhood planning toolkit and walkability audit with implementation task groups
  • Plan green infrastructure demonstration project later in the summer with Infrastructure Implementation Task Group
  • Begin construction on first protected bike lane on Harrison to be completed by the Fall
  • Transmit RFP for the design of South Saginaw Road Diet
  • Complete neighborhood enhancement plan for Smith Village
  • Work with Habitat on neighborhood assessment tool to create block enhancement plans

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