Upcoming October 2023 Training & Development Opportunities

October 4 | Flint & Genesee Business Bridge Training Series: Diverse Contracting Strategies

This workshop explores the business case for supplier diversity and best practices, along with resources to help, obtain, leverage, and maintain diversity certifications. Business owners are also encouraged to attend to hear more about what it takes to win contracts on all levels.


October 5 | Effective Hiring for Employers

Effective hiring is a process that has been refined over many years to ensure companies hire the “right fit” and only candidates who will enjoy success and a bright future with their employer. This is a multi-phased process that ensures only those who are a good fit are considered and moved along in the hiring process.


October 12 | Flint & Genesee Business Bridge Training Series: Elevate Your Brand with “Pitch Your Brand by Ebonie Gipson”

In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, making a lasting impression is crucial. Pitch Your Brand by Ebonie Gipson is a dynamic and interactive course designed expressly for passionate entrepreneurs ready to effectively and compellingly pitch their brand.


October 18 | Maximize Your Chamber Membership

Whether you’re a new or existing Flint & Genesee Chamber member, this session can help you better understand how to maximize your membership. Join us for this one-hour overview to learn about the many benefits and services we offer to help your business grow and thrive in Flint and Genesee County.


October 19 | Grant Writing 201

As a follow up to the Grants 101 session, Grant Writing 201 participants will learn about the financial management of grant funds, how to blend funding to support a project or program, and the components of grants management and reporting, including evaluating program success.


October 24 | Building the Foundation: A Diversity in the Workplace Series | Session 4: Building Inclusive Workplaces

DEI commitments don’t mean much if your organization doesn’t have the results that show the change you’re enacting in the workplace and broader community. Using an interactive learning approach, this DEI leadership series aims to ensure that managers have the right tools to effectively lead their teams.


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