Transformation is Happening @ FPL!

Flint Public Library has begun an exciting transformation journey. We know that the Library is an important resource for F1int residents, and we want to support the work being done to help our community thrive.

We’ve listened to our community leaders and members, and looked at libraries across the country. Based on everything we heard, we’ve created an exciting new vision for the future.

Our vision is to become Flint’s “go to” place for learning across the lifespan.

What does that mean? It means we’re going to focus our staff and resources on three specific areas.

Inspire creativity through digital literacy.

FPL will provide technology and media resources for people of all ages that encourage creativity, learning, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Support family literacy.

FPL will provide programs, services and resources to create young readers from birth to age 5, and to help students in grades K-12 succeed in school. We will also help parents become literacy-savvy, equipping them to continue their own learning and to support their children’s learning at home.

Encourage interaction in a community space.

FPL will reorganize and renovate the building. This will create an inviting, energized environment that welcomes individuals and groups. It will also support the Library’s role as a valued civic space.

We’re going to implement this vision over time. Some things we can do quickly. In fact, take a look at the timeline on the right, and you’ll see we’re already making progress! Other things will require more time and resources.

Flint Public Library is YOUR place to experiment, learn, and come together with the community. Check it out!

Kay Schwartz

Click here to download the letter.

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