Support Flint

A popular complaint within our community is with the saturation of party stores that are a magnet for illegal activities. One liquor store in particular has had 2 shootings in 2014 alone. Five (5) individuals were injured in a single incident. That does not include the multiple disturbances, injuries, weapons calls, fights, and felonious assaults. Did I neglect to mention the overdose, larceny, fraud, nuisance and the EMS assists? These incidents are being repeated across our city and it continues to affect the quality of life our neighborhoods. The time has come that we do something about it. Each individual resident cannot do it alone. We must stand and fight together.

There is a hearing scheduled for Tuesday, March 31, 2015, in Lansing, with the liquor Control Commission. There’s a group of residents from Flint that has hired an attorney to fight against a liquor store that is trying to open a new and larger location. Residents from Metawanee Hills have stepped up to fight and they need our support. Some of us are going to Lansing and will be taking notes so that we can also follow in their footsteps regarding the party stores over in our area. There will be a caravan leaving at 8:30am from Salem Lutheran Church located at 2610 ML King Jr Avenue. The more that attend the hearing the better. We need lansing to know that we are TIRED of our city being saturated with businesses that promote illegal activities. Come on Flint. This is just the beginning and we are all in this together.

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