Register For the Newest Crim Race Feature – The CrossFlint Challenge

Looking for a New Challenge to Add to the Crim 5k?

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Here’s how it will work:

  • CrossFlint 5K Challenge racers will start their 5K according to the Crim race schedule
  • Near the halfway point (there will be a marker), challenge participants will exit the 5K race course and enter a designated area at Sal’s Gym
  • At Sal’s Gym, volunteers will guide each participant through 4 different movement exercises, each of which will be timed at 2 minutes. The volunteer will keep count of how many reps are completed within the 2 minutes at each station (8 minutes total of movement exercises).
  • There will be 2 different categories of the CrossFlint 5K Challenge – bodyweight and weighted (wearing a weighted vest for the entire race and challenge)
  • Movement stations in the bodyweight category are designed for a more beginner participant and are more advanced for weighted category participants
  • Once all 4 movement stations are completed, CrossFlint Challenge participants will exit Sal’s Gym and return to the Crim 5K race course to complete the rest of their 5K race, crossing the main Crim finish line.
  • Results will be calculated based on the fastest 5K finish time and highest number of reps completed in the movement stations

Register for the CrossFlint Challenge

In addition to receiving the Crim race shirt and 5K race bib and medal, CrossFlint 5K Challenge participants will also receive a commemorative bucket hat!

CrossFlint 5K Challenge Commemorative Bucket Hat

Click the links below to watch demonstrations of each of the challenge movements:

CrossFlint 5K Challenge – Body Weight Movements
CrossFlint 5K Challenge – Weighted Movements

Already Signed Up for the Race?

Are you already signed up for Crim45 but want to tackle this challenge? No problem! All you have to do is contact Joe Dimambro, Director of Races and Training, to add it to your registration!

You can contact Joe at 810-235-3397 or at

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