PRESS RELEASE: Water Valve Replacements

City of Flint Utilities Department Works to Replace Two Valves in Area of Corunna and Mann, Stocker and Fielding

Flint, Michigan – August 19, 2015 – The City of Flint’s Utilities Department is performing  replacement work on two water valves in the area of Corunna Rd. and Mann Ave. and the area of Stocker Ave. and Fielding St. Work in the area may result in residents experiencing diminished service or temporary loss of service and discolored water as sediment in the system is stirred. Service should return to normal once work is completed. Any disruption in service will last between 2 and 4 hours while work takes place. While the water is still safe to use, running the water from the tap for a few minutes should clear the line of any discoloration or odor.

Both valves in question were identified for replacement during ongoing valve exercises. Exercising water main valves helps to determine their condition and functionality. The City of Flint’s Capital Improvement Plan calls for overall system maintenance measures to improve the water and sewer systems. Work to exercise valves throughout the city will continue and repairs will be made as needed. The goal of this work is to improve circulation and overall water quality citywide. Anyone with questions about the water valve work or any other water issues should call 810-766-7202. More updates on continuing water system work can be found online on the Water page of

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