PRESS RELEASE: Statements Regarding Court of Appeals Decision

Statement from City Administrator and City Attorney Regarding the Denial of Motion to Stay in Shears vs City of Flint

Flint, Michigan – September 17, 2015 – In regard to today’s court decision in the case of Shears vs. the City of Flint in which the Court of Appeals denied a motion to stay 7th Circuit Court Judge Archie Hayman’s preliminary injunction, officials from the City of Flint have issued the following statements.

“While we are disappointed with the court’s decision to deny a stay in the case, we will continue to comply with the preliminary injunction as ordered by Judge Hayman. As always, the focus is on providing services to this community including safe and secure water that all of our families and businesses depend on.”

Natasha L. Henderson, City Administrator

“This was a procedural decision by the Court, meaning the Court held that it is premature to consider the City’s appeal. It was not a decision on the merits of the case.”

Pete Bade, City Attorney

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