PRESS RELEASE: New Non-profit established for Civic Engagement

Taking civic engagement city wide

Spring is coming… and so is the Neighborhood Engagement Hub. Growing quickly as a city wide resource center, this non-profit has launched to assist community residents and neighborhood organizations as the Master Plan is implemented on
dozens of fronts.

In order to cultivate and sustain the advancement of city wide civic engagement, the Neighborhood Engagement Hub will:

  • Equip residents with tools and resources for neighborhood improvement.
  • Encourage relationships between neighbors.
  • Educate residents on programs, policies and initiatives to strengthen neighborhoods.
  • Empower residents to take action.

By working with individuals and groups, the Neighborhood Engagement Hub will assure that civic engagement not only continues but grows.

The Neighborhood Engagement Hub will officially launch at a press conference to be held on March 20, 2015 at 11:00am. The press conference will take place at 3216 Martin Luther King Avenue (formerly Salem Housing) in Flint, Michigan.

Questions can be directed to

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