PRESS RELEASE: Kroger & Al Serra Water Donations

Kroger Donates 19 Palettes of Bottled Water to Mayor Dayne Walling who Plans to Donate it to Flint Community Schools, Al Serra Auto Plaza to Hold Water Donation Drive to Help Flint Senior Centers

Flint, Michigan – October 6, 2015 – Mayor Dayne Walling has received a donation from Kroger grocers of 19 palettes of water to help those in the community struggling with water. The Mayor has in turn donated that water to the Flint Community Schools for distribution to students. In addition to the Kroger donation, Al Serra Auto Plaza of Grand Blanc has announced plans to hold a month long bottled water donation drive to collect water for distribution to Flint’s two Senior Centers as well as the Flint Community Schools. Details on that donation drive will be available at Al Serra’s Facebook page today.

“Our children are a top priority given the effects lead can have on their development,” said Mayor Walling. “Any bottled water donations we receive will be used for our children and other high risk groups, such as our seniors. We continue to recommend that residents follow the instructions of the Genesee County Health Department concerning lead in drinking water.”

The City has been working with local aid agencies to provide water relief to Flint residents. Last week the City worked with the United Way of Genesee County to provide residents with water tap filters and gave away over 3,000 of them on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at the UM-Flint Recreation Center. On Friday it also was announced by the State of Michigan that $1 Million has been allocated to providing residents with water filters.

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