Press Release: Exhibition of Stories Event on April 21st

Exhibition of Stories: Lives of People from Flint and Abroad

FLINT, Michigan (4/17/15) Over the past two months, residents of Oak Street Senior Apartments and students from University of Michigan’s English Language Program have worked together to share their life stories. This encounter is a part of Communities First, Inc.’s Culture Shock Program, which seeks to offer diverse, enriching and sometimes shocking arts and cultural opportunities to the community.

“This project allowed international students to interact with the seniors at Oak Street. They were able to better understand how similar people are although they may have grown up half a world away. There was a great deal of laughter and everyone involved developed a greater respect for others”, said Glenn Wilson, President and CEO of Communities First, Inc.

Students and residents engaged in a series of interviews designed to promote a cultural exchange. As the project concluded, Syreeda Nix, Instructor for the English Language Program had the idea of hosting an exhibition to share the work that the students had done.

The public is invited to attend the culminating event called Exhibition of Stories: Lives of People from Flint and Abroad on Tuesday, April 21st from 1:30pm-3:00pm at the Greater Flint Arts Council. Attendees will have an opportunity to hear from the students who participated, meet some of the residents and community members that were interviewed and perhaps share their own stories.

About Communities First, Inc.
Communities First, Inc. is a Flint based nonprofit Community Development Corporation which was founded in 2010. The priorities of CFI are affordable housing, economic development, green programs, and quality of life programs. CFI is committed to building sustainable, equitable communities in distressed areas. The organization is the developer of Oak Street Senior Apartments, a $5.1 million 24 unit apartment building for low income seniors located in downtown Flint, Swayze Court Apartments, and has amongst its programs Culture Shock and Green Life. More information about Communities First, Inc. can be found at

Contact: Glenn A. Wilson
President & CEO of Communities First, Inc., Flint

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