PRESS RELEASE: Ballenger Court Update

Ballenger Court Apartment Complex Tenants Contacted to Receive Assistance from City and Local Shelters

Flint, Michigan – November 23, 2015 – Following the condemnation of the Ballenger Court Apartment Complex by the City of Flint’s Building Safety and Inspection Division, tenants are being contacted by the Shelter of Flint in order to find them suitable relocation. The complex, managed by Alltimate Property Management, was condemned last week for a lack of maintenance and livability standards, including the absence of water service, furnaces and other basic necessities. The condemnation process allows local aid agencies such as the United Way and the Shelter of Flint to begin allocating resources for those living in the complex, including shelter and other health and safety needs.

Alltimate Property Management contacted the City’s Water Service Center last week asking for an emergency water shutoff due to missing and stolen plumbing fixtures causing flooding in areas of the complex. Under city law, residential dwellings must meet certain standards to maintain livability, including running water and heat. The City of Flint has a responsibility to its residents to ensure that building safety and health standards are being followed. When living conditions fall below the acceptable level of health and general safety, the City must take actions to protect those affected. The City will continue to work with local aid agencies to ensure that every individual currently residing in the apartment complex is relocated and provided suitable living conditions.

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