North Flint Revitalization Initiative and Hamilton Community Health Network

Greetings CHRB members and community partners,

On Monday, July 22nd, Hamilton Community Health Network and the North Flint Revitalization Initiative Community Safety Project will hold our Quarterly North Flint Safety Forum. The forum’s host is the North Flint Food Market (5402 Clio Road, Flint, MI 48505) and the theme is Economic Development. Based on our research conducted over the past year of planning, we are well aware that the primary driver of crime in North Flint is poverty. The “Illuminating Community Change” (IC2) Safety Project sees reducing and preventing crime as the foundation for community-driven economic development in North Flint. Our community lead organization for economic development for our target area is the North Flint Reinvestment Corporation.

As I reflect on this Spring’s Fair Housing Conference, I am reminded that the work of CHRB is indeed complimentary to our economic development focus for the North Flint IC2 Safety Project. We welcome you and your colleagues in community to participate in this Safety Forum and learn more about the IC2 project. The forum is designed to:

  1. Increase awareness of the North Flint “Illuminating Community Change” (IC2) Safety Project
  2. Sharing community resources for economic development (job training, employment, entrepreneurship, economic development) for youth and adults alike.
  3. Highlight community partners making great strides in the area of community economic development in the IC2 target area and beyond.

Please be our guest. Feel free to share this information widely within your organizations and circles of interest. It is our goal to strengthen existing partnerships and establish new ones in an effort to assist residents in north Flint with access to the many existing programs for workforce, entrepreneurship, and economic development in the community.

More information is available using the links below:

Eventbrite webpage:

Facebook Event on the North Flint Revitalization Initiative page:

*Feel free to contact me using my mobile number. It is easier to reach me that way.

Have a great Holiday,

Sandra Johnson

North Flint Revitalization Initiative and Hamilton Community Health Network

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