Next Strategic Plan Session – Developing a Comprehensive Communications Strategy

Attention all FNU Members and Associate Members, but particularly members of the Communication Committee!

The next strategic planning session will assist the Communication Committee in identifying actionable tasks, and potentially revisiting/revising the committee’s recommended Roles and Responsibilities document – given FNU now has a newspaper, website, and Facebook page that it did not have when that recommendation was drafted.

The strategic planning group’s work in session #2 identified a vision and 2 goals for the Communications group.  They are:

Vision: Everyone in the city will have access to information relative to neighborhoods

Goal #1

  • Create a comprehensive communication strategy, where each component reinforces the other components
  • Combine communication into one work group
  • Assess the capacity of the communication workgroup – Do we have enough people doing the work.  If yes, examine the work output; if no, why not? Recruitment?
  • Increase consistency in efforts by utilizing the assets of FNU – establish consistent messaging on all FNU communications

Goal #2

  • Assess the effectiveness of each communication element
  • Collect and share the data on social media usage
  • Develop a survey to determine “how” people hear FNU messages and adjust communication strategy to reflect information collected.

If you would like to be part of this 4th and final session, please advise which of the following three options will NOT work for you as we need to get this on everyone’s schedule ASAP.

  • Saturday, December 6th, 11:30am to 1:30pm (after the regularly scheduled FNU meeting; we will once again provide pizza to those who stay!)
  • Friday, December 12th
  • Saturday, December 13th

I would envision part of this session will involve revisiting and perhaps revising the roles and responsibilities document developed by the Communications Committee last year – before we had a newspaper, web page and Facebook page.  At that time the Committee developed a recommendation re: its roles and responsibilities.  However, that recommendation was never taken before the full body and voted on.  Hopefully, by the end of this 4th session, the Communications Committee with assistance of the strategic planning group can get a recommendation (document) finalized for presentation and adoption/vote by the full FNU body by no later than the Jan 2015 meeting.

The 2013 recommended roles and responsibilities for the Communication Group is included here for your review prior to our next planning session.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Communications Committee:
The Communications Team is responsible for all Flint Neighborhoods United (FNU) communications, both internally and externally.

  • An official “Public Affairs Officer”will be appointed to represent FNU to the public. The officer will be part of the Executive Committee, coming from the Communications team. Responsibilities include, but is not limited to:
    • Contact with news media
    • Public Service Announcement
  • The Communications team is responsible for maintaining contact information of both FNU members and external organizations.
  • The creation and distribution of meeting announcements and agendas
  • Letters to business, as well as property owners, and government agencies will be created after an individual neighborhood organization has communicated with the problem entity and has not resolved the problem and requires further support from FNU.
  • All internal communication from the Communications team to FNU members (both individually and collectively) will be via email and mailings.

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