NEWS RELEASE: State Warns of Impostors Posing as Water Officials in Flint

FLINT, Mich. – The Flint Water Plant has received reports from residents about an unknown group of up to nine individuals entering homes, sampling water and making repairs without presenting official identification. The group gives the residents water sampling bottles for follow-up testing, but nobody returns.

Flint residents are reminded that Water Response Teams made up of local, state and federal government agencies and nonprofit partners are working in Flint neighborhoods due to the water emergency. These officials are wearing and will present official identification when visiting homes.

Official Water Response Teams are visiting homes with high lead levels, conducting lead line investigations, picking up water sampling bottles from Sentinel Site participants, and disbursing water resources to homebound individuals. Team members have been instructed to show identification at all times.

“If someone comes to your home and asks to conduct services, always request their identification,” said Capt. Chris A. Kelenske, commander of the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division. “All official response personnel have their proper identification readily presentable and available. If you suspect something suspicious, don’t allow the person to enter your home and immediately report the activity to law enforcement.”

In addition, residents should be cautious of door-to-door solicitors who hand out fliers and promise to speed up services, including those who ask for large cash deposits or advance payments in full for construction. Scam artists are often transients who will move quickly into a troubled area, target those perceived as vulnerable or in need of assistance and leave town without fulfilling services.

Individuals are also encouraged to be careful when being solicited for services by phone or email. If the deal being offered is too good to be true, it is probably fraudulent.

To check the company’s complaint history, call the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division toll-free at 1-877-765-8388.

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