NEWS RELEASE: Flint Officials Alert City Water Customers of Reported Scam

Flint, Mich — Flint city officials are looking into a report of an alleged scammer posing as a representative of the City’s Customer Service department seeking to collect payment on a water bill. The incident appears to be isolated. However, as a precaution officials want to alert residents to be aware of the issue.

A Flint water customer reported getting a call from a person who claimed to be a City of Flint employee. The customer says they were asked to provide their credit card number to make a payment over the phone and avoid having their water service shut off.

Residents should know that legitimate Flint Customer Service Center and Water Service employees do not ask for or collect payments, credit card or bank information over the phone, or via email. If someone claiming to be a City employee asks for this information hang up and report the call to authorities.

Other Suggested Tips for Customers to Avoid being Scammed:
– Never give out personal information, credit card numbers, or wire money as a result of an unsolicited call or email if you cannot validate the authenticity.
– Be suspicious if the caller insists on the use of cash or a pre-paid debit card to make an immediate payment. Utilities provide many options for payment.

Any citizen who suspects they may have been contacted by a scammer is urged to contact the City of Flint Customer Service Center at 810-766-7470 to report the incident.

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