NEWS RELEASE: Flint City Leaders Thank Residents for Supporting Millages on the Ballot

FLINT, Mich — When voters in Flint went to the polls November 8th they had some important choices to make that will have a significant impact on the future of the city. Three millages were on the ballot that city leaders were hoping residents would support, and they did.

The Public Safety Millage was up for renewal. The Mayor, Flint police and fire chiefs have stated passage of the renewal would be critical in order to maintain the number of police officers and firefighters currently working to serve and protect the residents of Flint.

“We are so thankful to the citizens of Flint who considered what was at stake and voted to renew the Public Safety Millage,” said Mayor Karen Weaver. “These are challenging times and having to layoff anyone in public safety would have been devastating. The continued support of this millage will allow us to at least maintain the level of service being provided currently in the city and we are so thankful for the residents’ support.”

Voters in Flint also overwhelmingly approved the Police Services Millage and the Parks Millage renewal.

“The support of our residents is encouraging,” said Weaver. “We appreciate the people of Flint choosing to continue to invest in making our city a better place, from our police and fire departments to our public parks which are really being improved and transformed into places we all can visit and enjoy.”

The Mayor and her Administration said they will be transparent and keep residents informed about how the funds from these millages are put to use to help improve the overall quality of life in the City of Flint.

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