Lifting up CFGF

Dear Friends of CFGF,

I love working at a place focused on making a difference every day. For my 40th birthday, I am lifting up CFGF, the organization that has given me a community leadership platform. And I want to raise money to make sure CFGF can continue doing amazing work!

The hardest dollar to raise is the dollar used for operations and community leadership. You can help support sustaining CFGF’s community leadership by sending a gift to CFGF today in honor of my 40th birthday. Gifts to the Isaiah and Shay Oliver Community Leadership Fund support CFGF’s ability to marshal resources, provide education and advocacy, amplify resident voices, collect data, and ensure authentic community engagement.

$40 Friends   •   $400 Champions   •   $4,000 Anchors

I hope you will consider making a gift to CFGF today and join in the Facebook Live event on Friday, April 2 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for a Roast and Toast with community leaders.

With Gratitude,

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