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In this day and age, no one should have to worry about whether their water will make them sick.

I am committed to doing everything in my power to make sure Flint residents have access to safe, affordable drinking water — a basic necessity for every community.

I find it completely unacceptable that respected scientific experts and our trusted local physicians have verified that the City of Flint’s drinking water is dangerous for our citizens, especially our most vulnerable young people.

Today, I spoke with Gov. Snyder and stressed the need for us to work together quickly on solutions for this water crisis. I also formally requested help for my community and its citizens, and provided him with a number of key initiatives that will ensure safe water for Flint residents.

My formal request included immediate and long-term solutions, and strong consideration for switching back to the Detroit water source until the Karegnondi Pipeline Authority project is complete. Anything less than an aggressive, comprehensive approach is simply unacceptable.

I encourage you to visit to learn valuable tips, recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, about how you can safeguard your family with crucial water safety information, including:

  • Use filtered tap water;
  • Run the cold water tap for 5 minutes before using it for drinking and cooking;
  • Do not use the hot water tap for drinking and cooking;
  • Remove and clean faucet aerators;
  • Replace lead service pipes;
  • Replace galvanized household plumbing; and,
  • Flush cold water taps after installing new household pipes or fixtures.


Get your kids tested. Keep your family safe.

Letter to Governor Snyder

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