July FNU Meeting

The next Flint Neighborhoods United meeting will be held on Tuesday 7/21, 6pm-8pm. The location has yet to be determined and will be announced prior to the meeting. There will not be a meeting on Saturday 7/11.

Various city officials will be attending the meeting to provide answers to questions submitted in advance, concerning the Code of Ordinances. All members of associations that are members of FNU are ask to submit questions they may have by July 7, 2015.

These questions will be provided to the speakers prior to the meeting. Questions may be submitted in writing during the meeting and answered as time permits.

Attached are questions created by FNU

Your additional questions can be directed to fnucommunications@gmail.com or mailed to Flint Neighborhoods United, P.O. Box 375, Flint, MI 48501.

Click here to view the Q & A document (PDF).

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