Health Education Seminars and Workshops

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The Hope Chiropractic and Wellness team would love to do a presentation for your staff about the benefits of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Dr. Joseph McCall and his team are also available for health education seminars and workshops at your organization. Our “no cost to you” topics include: How to Stay Healthy as You Age, Safe Lifting Practices, Stretch into Health, Exercise, Heart Health, Smoking Cessation, 8 Laws of Health, and many more.

Our team also offers fee-based such as CPR and First Aid to prepare you for medical emergencies in your facilities.

We are a faith-based organization, and we would love to partner with your organization. Please reach out to Angela or Cristela to schedule your seminar or class at 810-820-2981 or

Hope Chiropractic and Wellness Team

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