Genesee Earth Week to transition to Live Streaming

Given the continued development of the COVID-19 outbreak, and Governor Whitmer’s Stay Home order, the Genesee Conservation District encourages any group who has not yet done so, to cancel their in-person group events.

It’s definitely disappointing considering the work we’ve all collectively put into Earth Week, but ultimately the health and safety of everyone involved takes precedence.

That being said, we still have the Genesee Earth Week Facebook page (Which you should all go “Like” right now, if you haven’t already done so) as a platform for moving any sort of programming to live streams.

I’ve created a spreadsheet for anyone who’s interested to reserve a time slot during Earth Week, to share a live stream.

Here’s how it will work.

1) Reserve your slot by Friday, April 10th. Follow this link and input the requested details into the cell of your desired time slot(s):

2) We’ll post the schedule of events the following Monday, April 13th to promote our week of live streams/content.

3) On the day of your time slot, we’ll give the individual who will be doing the stream, “Live Privileges” for the Genesee Earth Week Facebook Page. It will be their responsibility to stream on time, but I’ll be on call to help assist if any issues arise.

4) Live streaming can be done from mobile phones or webcams. With mobile tech available to us, doing outside stuff would be really great, so long as it’s only individuals doing the stream!

Ideas for live streams:

  • Guided nature hikes
  • Compost Demonstrations
  • Garden Demonstrations
  • Native species lessons
  • Invasive species lessons
  • Vegetarian cooking Demonstrations
  • Panel Discussions (I’ll have to do some research as to how to live stream conferences with multiple users, if we have an interest in trying to do this)
  • Guides to living more sustainable lifestyles

That’s it! Should be pretty simple and straight forward.

So this is our challenge now, think about how we can still bring some educational content to a potential audience via a single camera on Facebook live. If you have any ideas, questions, or want to bounce them off me, feel free!

Thank you everyone for all the time you’ve already committed to Genesee Earth Week. While it is disappointing that we have to shift to this format, I think we can still make the best of it and make an impact on our community.

All the best,

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